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  • Emotions And Forex Trading

    Recent research has shown that the emotional experience we experience affects our health, well-being, and efficiency. And trading is no exception.

    Ask Yourself, Do You Feel Happy During The Trade?

    It is very important to consider all aspects of your internal state during trade, because most mistakes traders make under pressure of emotions. Do you feel stressed when you’re in position?

    Don’t forget that working on yourself, you will achieve more than if you are constantly looking for new trading strategies. It’s hard to grow above yourself if you don’t make records. Make yourself a rule to outline each case when you experience anxiety, confusion, satisfaction, euphoria during the trade. In short, write down all your feelings.

    Having made the record: «I blame myself for the failed trade» or «entering the position was an impulsive decision» – you will feel relieved. When can I stop recording? The correct answer would be never. Or, at the extreme, when each of your records will be similar to the previous one – «acted according to the plan, everything is under control».

    Few Are Aware Of The Importance Of Positive Attitudes

    Everyone tries to reduce the level of stress experienced during work, which, at first glance, is quite good. But positive emotions are much more important for our well-being. It is more important to try to achieve happiness than Zen by running away from negativity.

    The real key to good well-being is the ability to fulfill our personal goals (those that we have established for ourselves). We literally feel that we live when we pursue our own goals, not do what others have instructed us to do. Scientific research in this area has shown that people who adhere to their own goals have better mental and (pay attention!) physical health.

    Even if you’re just copying someone’s actions, you’re already under a lot of stress. As a result, stress and lack of personal goals doubly have a bad impact on your well-being. But you don ‘t have to think that it only concerns your health, it directly affects your earnings!

    It was noted that even salaried workers, who by definition fulfilled their objectives, could at the same time strive to achieve something important to them personally. And such people are the best workforce, you can only wish for, being an employer. So don’t be afraid if your staff pursue «personal» goals at work. This only means that people will look for the fastest and most effective way to do what you have instructed them.

    But what about trading? It has been noted more than once that trading is the business of one person. This means that everything concerning hired workers will concern you as the perpetrator of your trade tasks. If you treat trading as a job, then the satisfaction of trading should stand first for you.

    Most newcomers get satisfaction when they see profits. But this is a big mistake, because profit is not something you can control, and therefore your emotional state will depend heavily on the vicissitudes of the market. Instead of content with green balance numbers, shift your focus to the quality of trade execution. When you concentrate on your trades and how well you follow a trading strategy – profits should be sidelined.

    As a result, you will feel independence, personal satisfaction, energy and happiness. Which in turn will improve your performance. And along with productivity will come profit. There is no need to deal with stress, guilt, regret, anger and, as a result, loss of control. Just turn your attention to positive things. Is it difficult to treat the loss positively? Let it be the lesson you paid for. Everyone likes to shop, and it gives people joy. Why should «buying» information on the market be a negative point?

    Always remember that smart people walk the mountains! Trading won’t always produce the desired result if you concentrate on profits. Therefore, pursue your own goals (in the form of quality execution of trades) and then satisfaction from the work done will help you to bypass all mountains that grow in the way of any trader.