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  • How To Trade Google

    Who are we? Google is an American public corporation that generates revenues primarily by delivering online advertising to its internet-related services.

    Full company name: Google, Inc.
    Sign/code: NASDAQ:GOOG
    Headquarters: Mountain View, California,
    Expiry formula: (Bid + Ask) / 2
    Trading hours: Mon – Fri, 09:30 – 16:00 (EST)

    Company Information

    Google is currently most widely used search engine on the web. The company was established in September 1998 by Sergey Bern and Larry Page and since then it has expanded its workforce and a wide variety of online services like Google Maps, Google Translate, Android, Google Chrome, Google+ and many more. Google is considered to be one of the most successful businesses in the world today and in fact it is one of the best stocks to watch for. What started out from being a technology firm, this company has now become globally known and its services continue to be the major necessity for a lot of consumers. And in terms of trading, Google is one of the primary picks of most investors when they have choices on what stocks to invest in. This is because the company’s market performance can be easily analyzed and evaluated so profits are easily attainable.

    How To Trade This Stock?

    Trading in Google shares can take place not only as a separate asset, but also as part of the NASDAQ index under the GOOG tag. Since this is a technology stock, it is expected to have price fluctuations but profiting is guaranteed with a good strategy and by understanding how its services affect its market value. You can execute your trades by placing buy/sell, depending on how your market forecast. Google offers a dynamic and profitable means to executeyour financial trading strategy so you can get better returns from your investment. Its stock price is generally affected by its profitability which means that any news about the company’s yields and output can trigger a price oscillation. Its value is also reliant on the organization’s activities and general public sentiments so make sure that you weigh in these factors before you place a trade on the rise or fall. The best time to invest in stocks is after major announcements are made such as profitability reports that are usually released every quarter.