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  • How To Trade Microsoft

    Who are we? Microsoft is a global leader in software manufacturing, service delivery, and Internet technology development for personal computers and servers.

    Full company name: Microsoft Corp.
    Sign/code: NASDAQ:MSFT
    Headquarters: Redmond, Washington,
    Expiry formula: (Bid + Ask) / 2
    Trading hours: Mon – Fri, 09:30 – 16:00 (EST)

    Company Information

    Microsoft Corp. was founded by Bill Gates in 1975, is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA. Microsoft develops and manufactures a wide range of software products. These include desktop and network operating systems, server applications for client-server environments, desktop business applications and office applications for users, interactive programs and games, Internet tools and development tools. In addition, Microsoft offers interactive (online) services, publishes books on computer topics, produces peripheral equipment for computers, is engaged in research and development of new computer technologies. This company is one of the pioneers in developing innovative products and services that is why it is highly recommended that you invest in stocks of Microsoft.

    How To Trade This Stock?

    Microsoft shares are available on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the MSFT tag. It also contributes to Dow Jones industrial average, NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 market index. Placing your investments on a technology stock like Microsoft allows you implement efficient trading strategies for weighty financial returns. Microsoft is constantly seeking new avenues for growth in new territories and verticals. They have a keen focus on channel partners and are superbly placed when they look to launch new solutions. online trading traders are attracted to the constant activity around Microsoft trading. The constant influences acting on the Microsoft stock price facilitates trading opportunity. Technology-driven stocks always provide excellent volume and volatility through which online traders can seek opportunities to trade. Microsoft stock is no different. Learning to understand the price fluctuations, and comprehending the influences on the stock price, will provide trading online for traders with the ability to gain massive profits from their trading activities.