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  • How To Trade Reliance

    Who are we? Reliance Industries Ltd. manufactures petrochemicals, synthetic fibers, fiber intermediates, textiles, blended yarn and polyester staple fiber. The Company also owns a petroleum refinery cum petrochemicals complex in Jamnagar, India that produces a wide range of products such as gasoline, superior kerosene oil and liquefied petroleum gas.

    Full company name: Reliance Industries Ltd.
    Sign/code: BSE:RELIANCE
    Headquarters: Navi Mumbai, India,
    Expiry formula: (Bid + Ask) / 2
    Trading hours: Mon – Fri, 09:15 – 15:30 (EST)

    Company Information

    The company was founded in 1966. Reliance Industries Limited is engaged in refining, including manufacturing of refined petroleum products, and petrochemicals, including manufacturing of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastic and synthetic rubber in primary forms. The Company’s segments include Refining, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Organized Retail and Others. The Refining segment includes production and marketing operations of the petroleum products. The Petrochemicals segment includes production and marketing operations of petrochemical products, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, poly butadiene rubber, butadiene, acrylonitrile, caustic soda and polyethylene terephthalate. The Oil and Gas segment includes exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas. The Organized Retail segment includes organized retail business in India. The Others segment includes textile, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) development, telecom or broadband business and media.

    How To Trade This Stock?

    Reliance shares are traded on several stock exchanges, including London and Bombay. Both there and there, Reliance shares can be found under the RIGB tag. Oil and gas production is always closely associated with the development of infrastructure and heavy industry, therefore, it itself requires development and innovation. Not so long ago, Reliance began developing software to further diversify their operations and a stable market position. The development of the company is accompanied by the constant expansion of its services and geographical promotion, which are pursued by a lot of news and information, which gives traders the opportunity to apply them in their analysis of Reliance stock prices. Traders who trade shares of Indian enterprises need to make sure that they understand the specifics of these companies. Despite all their globalization, events in the local market play a key role in their performance.